Corrosion Protection

Electronic Corrosion Protection

Fighting rust is a must. Despite advances in auto manufacturing, you need corrosion protection that goes beyond the manufacturer’s limited rust warranty.

Final Coat’s CM-4000 electromagnetic rust inhibitor offers the most advanced corrosion protection available. And for today’s hybrid and electric vehicles, the same unmatched corrosion protection is now available with the Final Coat BPH-5000 hybrid model.

Warranty Guarantee

Final Coat warrants the effectiveness of the Electromagnetic Module against rust perforation (hole) on the doors, quarter panels, rocker panels, hood lid, trunk lid, roof, frame, floor boards and cross members. In the event that corrosion perforation (hole) occurs, then the damaged area will be repaired or replaced as determined by the warranty administrator.

Warranties may vary, check your warranty and selling dealer for specific details.